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Our BERGOFLEX cables are characterized by their durability, flexibility and their mechanical resilience.

For these reasons, it is used in mining, track construction, in aluminum and steel plants, in machine and plant construction, in drag chains and energy chains, as well asfor handcraft on the construction site.

Berger Spezialkabel - Your partner for companies


In the field of specialized cables, we offer high-temperature lines, resisting up to 220°C / 250°C continuous temperature for flexible applications. On special request we produce cables with a maximum continuous deployment temperature of up to 1200°C.

Many other core numbers and cross-sections are possible, also in screened versions.

Our team is happy to give advice!

Berger Spezialkabel - Your partner for companies

Specialized Cables

Our range of specialized cables extends from simple, single-core conductors, flexible, round cables, up to special cables for many demanding applications, where the tensile strength is made resistant to extreme external stress, by means of special sleeves or carrier elements.

According to requirements, we manufacture, for example, hybrid conductors with a variety of cable cross-sections, as well as round cables with a special construction, which encloses the cable with various screening types. In addition, the colour sequences are defined individually, according to application and customer needs.

Berger Spezialkabel - Your partner for companies

Pre-assembled Cables

For a very good reason more and more companies are deploying pre-assembled, ready-to-install cables and conductors.

We offer a wide selection of prefabricated cables and conductors. We also produce individually to your specifications and wishes.

Benefit from our experience and the great advantage of rational and efficient mounting.

Berger Spezialkabel - Your partner for companies

Cable protection hose

Abrasion resistant and liquid impermeable cable protection hose with particular benefits: for electrical installations, switching systems, switch cabinets, engineering and robot technology as suction hose for liquids and gaseous substances, for hydraulic and pneumatic hoses as robust protection hose.

Berger Spezialkabel - Your partner for companies

Spiral Cables

Spiral conductors are found in almost every market segment, such as medical technology, automobile industry, machine and plant construction, or as feeder cables in the lighting industry.

Berger Spezialkabel is the main supplier of pre-assembled spiral cables at a successful pan-European crane manufacturer. In these pictures you can see our spiral cables in use.

Our favourite: PUR spiral cables:

In most applications this is the optimum solution: chemically, mechanically, thermally, as well as optically (variety of colours available) an excellent choice. Very good restoring force.


The Berger Spezialkabel-Team stands for innovation and dedication. We are the experts for special cable in unusual places of usage. You find our products in ironworks and glassworks as well as in mechanical engineering companies and in the ship, – and railway construction.

Special places of action need special solutions like our

With us reliability, continuity and flexibility are equally apply to employees and products. You receive excellent customer service, perfect logistics and technically advanced products when working with us. We are an optimizer and solution provider. When required we develop a product especially fitted at your demands.

The customer satisfaction has the uppermost priority for us.