Our fire protection sleeves have excellent material characteristics and particularly protect cables and isolation in fire situations. The field of application is correspondingly wide, from scientific research to applied technologies, from chemical industry, energy supply, through heavy industry, automobile manufacture to shipbuilding and aerospace.


The fire protection hoses consist of asbestos-free, mineral heat-shielding, woven material with a special polychloroprene rubber coating, type F88, or an innovative, self-extinguishing silicone coating, type F88SC, in which the carrier material is specially impregnated.

Both coatings are resistant to oils and solvents; they are mechanically stress-resistant and possess a good abrasion resistance. In this way our firehoses provide long-term protection and considerably lengthen the life of conductor systems made of elastomere, thermoplastic and metallic materials.

With a particularly high -density weave, wall-strength of the carrier material and coating thickness, extremely high temperature resistance, dielectric strength and thermal resistance can be achieved. The type F88-SC fire protection hose is approved to endure a continuous temperature of 450°C and up to 1100°C for a duration of 15 minutes.

Type F88 firehose is approved to endure a continuous temperature of 260°C and up to 800°C for a duration of 30 minutes. Both hoses have been given certification from Germanischen Lloyd. The hoses are available with an inner diameter of 12 mm to 140 mm.

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