Cable sleeves

Cable sleeves are a useful tool to securely lay energy cables, control lines, data transmission cables, free conductors etc., for strain relieving suspension of cables, hoses and many others.

Our cable sleeves are made of high-quality, zinced, 19-strand Bowden braiding. The dimensions were defined from many years experience and practice in the field. The flexible, cylindrical mesh adapts itself to the diameter of the cable, whereby the directed transfer of pulling forces is achieved. It is extremely important to ensure that the diameter of each cable, line or hose is within the diameter range of the cable sleeve. Cable sleeves chosen too big may, under stress, slip off the cable covering.

As well as the standard range, we can also manufacture custom cable sleeves, according to your specification and wishes, without requiring a minimum order quantity.

For special applications, such as in sea water or water treatment plants, we can make cable sleeves of non-rusting stainless steel braid - DIN 1.4401 - or of monofilament plastic. Please note: cable sleeves made of plastic have a considerably lower breaking strength and are not UV-resistant. 





These cable hoses with zinced rubber are suitable for all mechanized cable laying processes with higher traction force.





These cable hoses without rubber are particularly suited to the manual laying of power, control and coaxial cables in cable protection tubes.




With these cable hoses the three feed cables can be laid rationally in one pull.





With cable tensioning hoses, the cable hoses which have already been pulled in can be tightened without needing to adjust the cable winch. This simplifies routine maintenance.




Separate cable tensioning sleeves can be wound onto already installed cables, independent of any freely accessible end. This simplifies routine maintenance.




It is possible for high pressure hoses to come loose from the armatures and cause considerable damage and serious injury by the sudden release of free energy.




Hose securing sleeves are a precaution against such danger. These connection sleeves are suitable for connecting two cables or two lines together in a simple manner. Connection sleeves are used, for example, to replace crane wires. The existing line is used as a pull-through wire.





Fiberflex insertion tape is available in lengths of 25m, 30m and 50m in a handy cassette. We also supply open conductor pulling sleeves with a pressed line strap fulfilling DIN 48207-2. As accessories we also supply torsion relief and abrasion protector jackets.

Twist catchers are used to intercept the torsion between hoist hauling cable and cable-grip hoses. Abrasion resistant shells are used to protect the network by the application on concrete or asphalt.



These are just a few examples from our wide supply range.

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